About The BharatKumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund, INC.

Recepients of Bharat S. Joshi Scholarship Fund

2024 Recipient : Javad Babaki

"I am deeply honored to be awarded the prestigious Bharat S. Joshi Scholarship for 2024. This incredible recognition fills me with immense gratitude and fortitude, empowering me to steadfastly pursue my passion for advancing biosensor design and fabrication. My heart overflows with appreciation towards the scholarship committee and the esteemed family of Dr. Joshi, whose unwavering support propels me closer to realizing my dreams. Thank you for believing in my research and enabling me to contribute to the advancement of science."

~ Javad Babaki, 2024 (Eighth recepient of The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund)

2023 Recipient : Trailokya Bhattarai

"Receiving this prestigious "Bharatkumar S. Joshi Memorial Scholarship" is a great honor, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to further my education and research related to Solar Powered UV LEDs for microbial disinfection applications. This scholarship will not only provide me the financial support but also serve as a strong source of motivation to achieve my academic goals and contribute to the field of my research. Thus, I want to sincerely thank the sponsor, friends, and family of Dr. Joshi and the scholarship review committee for choosing me and my research for this scholarship"

~ Trailokya Bhattarai, 2023 (Seventh recepient of The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund)

2022 Recipient : Geraldine Shirley Nicholas

"I feel privileged and honored to receive the revered ‘Bharatkumar S. Joshi Memorial Scholarship’ for the year 2022. I want to thank your family from the bottom of my heart for the donation and support towards this award. This will help me successfully complete my research on Hardware Security, through which I intend to protect the data and identity of products and users in this modern digital era."

~ Geraldine Shirley Nicholas, 2022 (Sixth recepient of The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund)

2021 Recipient: Fatema Jannat

"I am deeply honored to have been selected for the Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship, 2021. I want to express my gratitude towards Dr. Joshi’s family for supporting my research. This scholarship has truly inspired me to continue my research towards artificial intelligence in medical science. I hope to make good use of your contribution and innovate something excellent for the community."

~ Fatema Jannat, 2021 (Fifth recepient of The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund)

2020 Recipient : Munir Hasan

"I am extremely honored to have received the Bharat S. Joshi Scholarship in the very year when the world has realized, once again, the importance of low-cost affordable medical devices in the wake of the pandemic. It has served as a great source of inspiration to invest my time in the advancement of unconventional computation and its application in medicine. I am thankful to the scholarship committee for giving me the opportunity and motivation to continue my research. This recognition helped me believe in myself as a researcher and I hope that it will continue to be a source of inspiration for me in the future."

~ Munir Hasan, 2020 (Fourth recepient of The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund)

'The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship' for 2019 was awarded to Mr. Justin A. Sanchez.

"Receiving the Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship, means gaining the opportunity to develop technology that would enable low-power, real-time medical devices. Devices such as advanced prosthetics and real-time patient monitoring systems have a diverse set of intensive constraints. While specialized solutions would help; they would be too costly for the average consumer. This scholarship has inspired me to insure that not only are these medical devices usable, but available for all, though a single device with the flexibility for each potential application."

~ Justin A. Sanchez, 2019 (Third recepient of The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund)

'The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship' for 2018 was awarded to Mr. Samuel Rogers for his academic record and research in healthcare computing and medical science on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

"I am extremely honored to receive this award. The kindness of Dr. Joshi's family and friends serves as a reminder of why I entered computer engineering in the first place. I hope to use this to advance my research in making medical computing and diagnostics more available by bringing them to the edge."

~ Samuel Rogers, 2018 (Second recepient of The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund)

'The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship' for 2017 scholarship was awarded to Mr. Arnab Baruah.

"Receiving this scholarship is an honor for me as a first year PhD student. It serves as a source of motivation to shape my research endeavors in the area of portable and implantable medical electronic systems."

~ Arnab Baruah, 2017 (First recepient of The Bharatkumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund)

The BharatKumar S. Joshi Scholarship Fund, INC. is a non-profit organization setup to provide scholarship in loving memory of Dr. Bharat Joshi.

Every year, this fund will honor a deserving student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Bharat loved and cherished. We hope that his passion for teaching and his dedication to his students will live on through this legacy.

We are very excited that the scholarship has already benefited an initial student with $1000.00, which will be awarded on May 4, 2017.

We are in the process of raising more funds to keep Bharat's legacy alive. Our goal is to raise $50,000.00 this year. That should increase the scholarship amount to $1500.00 per year.


"Mediocre. The world settles for it. We settle too sometimes, But not you. You are THE fire! The fire that lights those who’d lost, Lost their way in the sea of Mediocrity. Your Flames, Your Roar, Screaming out to us! “Reach for the stars.” “Climb”, “Never settle!” This is my promise. I will not! I will never settle! Your flames carry on. Your roar resonates with my soul. One day, I too will roar. My flames will burn brighter and hotter. On this day, I know you will be watching. You will see how I see, what you saw in me. I will see their potential, Their gladness of no more. Mediocrity is now dead. Your flames - to me, to them, and beyond. Rest In Peace, knowing your flames carry on!”
~ Lauren Johnson, 2016 (Bharat’s student)


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